Only 5 Places Available!

What's On Offer?

Each month you get a series of emails delivered through the calendar month, containing:
  • A unique Irish 'Seanchaí Story' re-telling the Tales of Old Ireland, with sources
  • A new Otherworld Journey in text and audio files to listen to and Journey with
  • A folder of Pictures from our Ancient Irish Site Visit Pictures
  • A folder of Videos - making a Picture and Video Diary of the Site Visit experience
  • A full Site Visit Report (15-20 pages) including the Site archaeology, mythology and history
  • A guaranteed place in our Online Class, on the last Sunday of each month
  • After class access to the Video, Audio and Presentation files from class
  • Your 1 hour one-to-one session online so we can discuss your work, questions, and development that month (which I'll record too, so you have those files to keep and review).
Then we start again for the following month :-) 

Advice from Lora:

I suggest you get a notebook, or open a file (though pen and paper helps to get and retain things in our brains better than typing), and keep track of your experiences with the programme work flow as you go through it, and any questions which occur to you as you go through the month. You can email them to me before our end of month session (I suggest this if it's stuff I'll need to check lore sources for particularly, so I've a chance to prep specific resources for you related to your questions), or you can just wait til the online session and ask questions as part of that. Either way, I'll be able to address your concerns and queries as part of the online session, give advice for the following month, and you have it all collected in one place, with recorded versions of the answers and advice to refer back to as you need it.
This is the ONLY one-to-one tuition available with Lora O'Brien at present, and places are strictly limited to just 5 Programme Members at any given time. 

Programme Notes

There is a 3 month trial period, to be sure that the programme is a good fit for each Member, meeting or exceeding expectations, and that they are getting the best value (and doing the work each month!). After a 3 month review meeting, the Member may be invited to stay with the Programme for as long as it suits them (though annual reviews ensure the relationship stays healthy and balanced), if the arrangement is working out well. 

Do you think this Programme might be a good fit for you?

  • If you are invested in finding or developing your authentic connection to Ireland and her native spirituality, regardless of where you are in the world, with a teacher and guide who has trained and gained experience in multiple relevant disciplines for over 20 years - this just might be your thing.
  • If you can honestly afford to invest $100 per month in your Irish Spirituality connection for at least the next 12 months - you can of course leave at any point you need to if circumstances change for any reason, but it's important that this is money you can genuinely afford to spend on your self development - this just might be your thing.
  • If you think Lora O'Brien is a bit of an interesting and knowledgeable Soundie, and like the thoughts of hanging out online and getting some great advice, learning loads about Ireland each month, all while having the craic - this is definitely your thing!

 You're in for that? Great!  ...What Next?

Send an email to, with the Subject Line - The Programme.
In the email, tell Lora -
  • Who you are and where you're from.
  • What your current experience level is with spiritual stuff.
  • How you heard about the Programme.
  • Why you wanted to sign up for this Programme.
  • What you're looking to achieve at the end of a potential 12 month Membership.

(Without this information promptly supplied by email as described, your Membership may not be accepted and any payment will be returned, less PayPal fees.)

Then you just click the button below to Sign Up for Your Programme Membership - $100 per month.

Please Note: Our Programme Work Flow starts with each calendar month - so you are registering now to begin next month.

If all is well with your registration, CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of only 5 Members on Lora O'Brien's monthly Personal Tuition Programme. Enjoy :-)

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