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  • Colleen Dalzell
    I can find it difficult to meditate or journey with mind chatter but I find your technique helpful and because I enjoy the sound of your voice i find it soothing/relaxing and therefore I feel the trust to follow is there. I also like the fact that each time we journey we are building layers to the same point in the inner landscape. it feels like it is being enriched and made stronger every time... And thanks again to you Lora O'Brien for sharing your beautiful work. I have to say it feels so much more authentic than a lot of meditation I have used!
    Colleen Dalzell
  • I loved this (email) series. The tone of it really hit in line for me... it was a short and pleasant start to my day as I settle into emails and such.
    Brenda Marie
  • Mary Alagna
    Listening to some of the podcasts...I find that Lora's voice, in itself, immediately relaxes me...and her journeys are the first I've listened to that work for me. Thanks Lora O'Brien!
    Mary Alagna
  • I am loving your journeys!!! Still working at getting caught up, so far I have only been journeying once a week! I do plan on stepping that up, they take me right to where I want to be! Thanks for offering this series, Lora!!
    Pamela Scholfield Elbaum
  • Love these! Just realized they were being chunked in my 'junk' folder, so I created a label for you to make sure I see them.
    Tawnya Lee

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